Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Au Revoir

Same like yesterday, I got nothing to do tonight so I update my blog la. Hehe! Before I reach to my office, one of my officemate message me asking whether I still come to office or not. I just reply I will come & late already. Haha! Today I wake up at 2pm. Macam tak percaya because yesterday I play Football Manager 2007 until Subuh. Huh! Actually dah jaga dah at 945am but nothing to do, so I continue my sleep. Hehe! Then terlajak until 2pm.

When I reach to the office, my friend said today is my leader's birthday, Mr Adam. They buy a cake to celebrate la. Then when I go to the IT room to celebrate his birthday, suddenly I see there is one more cake to celebrate me. Hehe! Terharu sungguh!! Thank u to all IT Department. Really appreciate it. My CEO also join because actually my leader is his brother. Haha!

Tomorrow I'll continue my writing about all my friends at OCE.


Anonymous said...

jgn lupa tulis pasal aku.

-kau agak lah siapa aku-

ShaHiDa said...

apsal celebrate ko skali??besday ko ke??bkn awl thn ke besday ko??ke aku yg silap...hehe..

Badrul Hisham said...

haha!! aku pun tak tau la sape ko??aku rasa tak fendi bob, fendi white, takpun aman..tul tak??

huhu!! bufday aku mmg dah lepas lama dah..ni bufday utk next year :p